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Bridging the Gap Between Musicians and Filmmakers

After many years in the music business, one thing we’ve learned is that quality music is always in demand!

We want to share our gathered knowledge for those who want to add licensing as a stream of income. That’s why we’re here to get your music licensed and connected to filmmakers searching for good music. And most of all, we’re thrilled to hear the music that you’re proud of and tap into its full potential!

Every talented, hard-working artist deserves to be noticed. Let us help you be part of that journey!

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Opportunity Awaits

License your tracks and create a new stream of income.

Demand for Video Content is Rising

More and more video content is being watched more than ever. As demand for video content grows, so does the demand for production music.

Demand for Stock Music is Growing

The global stock music market size is estimated to grow worldwide to USD 2 billion by 2026. The market’s growth momentum is accelerating during this forecast period with the demand for audio-content including podcasts, videos, and social media.

We Make Sure Your Tracks Get Heard

Stock music libraries today are overcrowded with the potential for tracks to go unheard. As a new entrant to the stock music industry with a background as musicians ourselves, we want to make sure every one of our artists receives proper exposure.

If you own the rights to your music, you are invited to apply and start selling immediately!

It’s YOUR work. It’s YOUR music. It’s YOUR rights.

You’re the artist, so earn what you deserve.

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